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What is 3D mink eyelash

What is 3D mink eyelash?

3D mink eyelash made of real soft mink fur hair, and in multi-layer design, which usually in 4-6 layers, even in 8-10 layers,someone also call these lashes in 5D or 8D mink lashes,the more layer, the thicker they are, and would be in more fluffy. If you like natural make up review, 3D mink eyelash would be your best choice, these mink lashes could make your eyes longer, but still looks like most natural hairs. Some people prefer a dramatic effect, 5D or 8 D mink lashes maybe better for you. If you are looking for a relabel 3D mink eyelash vendor in China, Meidai eyelash company would be your good choice,the best hot selling 3D mink eyelash you could find on market are waiting for you here. If you wanna more, please click the “Inquiry” button to get a one to one service.

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